Group of Brazilians from Legal and Lawtech visits Atrium

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Last week LAIOB (Latin America Institute of Business) and AB2L (Legal and Lawtech Brazilian Association) organized a trip connecting 26 Brazilian with some of the most innovative companies and speakers in Silicon Valley. The group was very diverse and interacted for the whole five days. There were lawyers, entrepreneurs and sales managers. We were able to talk to more than 15 companies and speakers, which inspired us with valuable lessons about culture, innovation, technology, entrepreneurial, the future of law and the Silicon Valley way of business.


We talked to several companies such as Google, Netflix, LinkedIn and visited some accelerators such as GSV Labs and Plug and Play. Also, as the group came from a legal and lawtech background, we visited many companies, startups and firms from the legal sector, such as Casetext, Lex Machina, Judica, Nixon Peabody and Atrium.


At Atrium we met at a coworking with a fantastic view to the bridge, a perfect cenarium for the talk we were about to have. Bebe Chueh, co-founder of Atrium, and Hans Kim, head of legal at Atrium, gave a introduction about what Atrium does, why it was created and how was their day to day in the company. It was an informal talk and both Bebe and Hans were really open to answer any questions the group had; and as the group had never seen a legal firm so innovative, there were many. We also talked about some differences between the American legal system and the Brazilian one. Lastly, one of the most significant discussions the group had was when Bebe and Hans told that Atrium does not charge for the calls they receive from clients. They said that if their work is going well, their clients should not have to call them as frequent.

It was a great week and we had amazing feedback from the meeting with Atrium. We hope to come back soon with more Brazilians and to strengthen the partnership created.

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